Rozfloraculture Greenhouse

I can't believe that I can cover by thousand Orchid flower with the a size of basketball court that big and yet is in Brunei here! I always want to take a photo like that and I did it. I went to visit a greenhouse at Kg. Manggis, this place is really awesome... I really strongly recommended you must go there and have a look even you don't buy flower. Is open for public not need special booking or pass lah!!! Just be nice and don't kacau-kacau touch-touch rosakan people's orchid lah.
fyi the greenhouse is really cold there. Outside the greenhouse is 34'c but inside only have 18'c so bring your jacket will be better lah and don't wear short pants or mini skirt. Yeah I know your room aircon also have 18'c but here is different coz got kipas to blow the wind... wah don't play play man.
The first moment when you masuk the greenhouse you may not like the smell of mold but when you see the Orchid flower you have no time to bother the smell sudah coz the Orchid flower really make you don't feel like you're in Brunei! You can't believe that we have such an awesome places in town here is behind doing this! 
I was a young boy at that moment.... walking here and there, taking pictures, looking up and down macam orang sakai!!! I really wonder how do they do it... the Orchid flower is about the size of my iPhone 5 that big.
I asked what is the price for the flower, they told me the price start from B$24.00 and you can also ask them to do special design or for chinese new year deco and they have many choice for you to choose under B$100.00 too.
I want to come back here again one day with my family. Coz I'm sure my mom she want to get some of this for Chinese New Year's deco the living room.
Rozfloraculture Greenhouse Lot 17440, Simpang 189-41-30, Kg Manggis, Jln Madang BC3715, Brunei Darussalam. Tel:+673 8711998 Fax:+673 2340488 Email:

Click image to view larger panorama of the greenhouse.

Each flower is a size same of a iPhone 5 length. Big lah bruthers!!!

 I have no idea why all this are called "Borneo Orchid" 

 This is nice... a little pink pink in the of the flower! 

Wow... such a big place the room temperature have to under 20'c as you can imagine how powerful is their aircon there! 

This are the babies.... 3 more months of TLC it will buka flower and ready for sell. 

Here are their address, contact number and location. Is not that hard to find actually but you just have to drive slow to look for the place lah. If you don't have confident just whatsapp their mobile and they share you their location. Click it and you iPhone Map or Google Maps will show you the route.

The map of their location from my iPhone. 

Just you let you have a little image how it looks like of the simpang 189-41-30. 

 You have reached to the destination 

If you want like this also can... they also provide different designs

 For weeding decoration also have!!! 

This is good to give as a gift... tahan lama lagi!!!

And now Chinese New Year is coming and they are ready for you order now!

See You Bruthers....

Hehehehe... I love this movie very much it so hilarious every time they lost their friend after the party and they all always never remember what's going on the last night! Now there is a rumor say the Hangover 3 is coming this year, and this time is in Amsterdam. The last trip is in Bangkok are so funny hope this time can give me more laughter lah.
So before the movie show... me and my gang this weekend we going to make our own hangover 3 first. We have planing this for months and months ago sudah and finally the day is come. I'm off this Friday and back on Sunday. I'm not sure who is going to lost in our trip. So see you bruthers!!! Yahoo... is party time!!! 

I Prefer Wait Until They're Here

Me and my baby also can do Acrobat too!!!

Yes kalau for me.... I always prefer wait until the day the show is up then I buy the ticket go and saw lah if not how do I know is real for not or it just another scam again. If it is a real good show do you think not going to extent kan right! So why have to hurry hurry go buy ticket like Kiasu the ticket kan habis. 
For me I already don't trusted this kind of event sudah coz we are not one time kana tipu by those unknown company making show in town anymore. No unless my eyes really really see they crews and equipment are landed and setup lah! 
2 times sudah we people kana tipu and just like that, Money Paid, Ticket Bought and Where is the show???
On the June 2009 Hello Kitty Live In Brunei... Do you still remember??? Did you buy the tickets? The show had cancel and money say refund.... yeah right refund a head lah... until now I still have the ticket. But I don't know is a scam or what lah but the advert power man... wah like real one and everyone also believed. 
And again.... Back to August 2006 We all believe 光良-Michael Wong ( famous singer from Taiwan) come to Brunei for this Tour. But where got??? Sendiri Karaoke at home and sing this song ada lah!!!
Aiyo... same like you go cinema watch movie here bah... where got buy the ticket 3 months ago one you think go KL watch F1 kah.... hahahaha
I'll 100% bring my family to watch that show but only when is in front of my eyes!!! Me no more third time be a Stupid anymore!!!


Hehehe.... Last night I posted a comment in my FB page regarding how to be a social kaki. The conclusion is just "Oh" saja lah and this "Oh" is can have many meaning and expression. It can be like Layan saja or Understood, it also be Surprise or Sad. So macam-macam ada lah the meaning.
I'm kinda like this "OH" and I use it a lot in the FB. There is one time in a day I "OH" people's status more than 800 times... Doesn't matter what status they put the "OH" also can masuk the tropic. 
I hate my job - I commented "OH"
Thanks baby I love your gift - I commented "OH" 
Samsung is better than iPhone5 - I "OH" saja.....
As you can see how powerful is that with the "OH"so last night after my status in my FB page and my Bruthers reply me back with their "OH" I decided to make my second tee shirt. MY 1st T-Shirt was born 2 years ago and it had a good feedback lah. The first one is white so this time I want it black.
Front is a big Oh and the back no more my url.... is a hashtags which look like a 林 (lim) which is my family name and follow by Tigerlim. So what so you think? Ok bah right??? I'm sure you going to say "OH" me back!!!
Now I have to see where can give me a good price and good quality! I'll do it after CNY lah... now me kinda busy, my room pun belum spring cleaning lagi... just wait and see lah! 

Ahoy Sailor

Fish & Co is having The Flavours of Australia... Ahoy! In conjuction of The Australian Day on the 26th January 2013. This promotion is on going until 9th February 2013.
I just try it this afternoon, if you ask me which one is good? I say is the "Victoria Lamb Rack Pie". I love Rosemary and Peppermints inside the pie.. awsome!!! With my body side this is just nice for my belly. I'm a meat lover so I'm recommended that lamb pie but if you don't like lamb I suggest the others also nice especially the "Grilled Tasmanian Salmon" is Salmon are awesome but I think some people may not like the brown rice coz the may think that rice is not cooked...hehehe. FYI brown rice is healthy than the thai rice we eat.. Brown rice memang inside is a bit hard.. is not "not yet cook" Ok!!!
If you are a Salmon kaki this going to kick you mouth....
Do want to have a heavy meat then you should choose the other two South Australia Aussie Beef Pie or Pan Seared Baramundi. After main course don't forget to try out their Queensland Lamington or the Western Australia Pavlova Meringue than it well be a perfect meal bruthers! 

New Places To Hang Out And Play

Now for the Macoroon and Futsal lover you have new places to go now in town. First is the Madbites you can sit down and slowly enjoy your favorite Macoroon and cup of coffee/tea. I just located at inside the Kiarong Peugeot showroom there. That place make you feel like in France...hehehe
Then the other one place is for those people who like to play Futsal with your gang or buddy. A Bola-Bola opened at the Times Square just behind the Jungle Gym there. It has two court there, B$40.00 per hour. So if you have 8 person play each person only 5 dollars saja which I think is reasonable lah the rate. 



Inside view of #Madbites

Inside view of #Bola2bn

Another view of Madbites

 Another View of Bola-Bola

 Madbites's Macoroon

 Hang Out with the Media and Bloggers at Bola-Bola!!! Great to see you all with short pants hehehe

Ulala Is The Son of Jabba The Hunt

If you watch the Astro Channal you knew what I talk here... The Ulala when the first time come out I already think that where I ever see this thing before. After one night before I sleep the answer pop out form my head! Is the Star War Jabba The Hunt. Isn't that Ulala look like him? heheh maybe that is his son lah!!! 

Breast Feeding Room In The Mall

Oh..... I didn't know that there is a breast feeding room in The Mall. Mommy... if you looking for a breast feeding room in the mall go second floor(if I'm not remember wrong) near the toilet there. Is kinda not obvious to find lah but it has there. Me go the mall countless time I just knew it have one there! 
When me and my wife saw the door feel like found a treasure there. 

Dumb & Dumber Cyclist

Early in the morning I already saw this on my way to Jerudong. I understand they both doing this is to do with the aerodynamic thing lah but don't you think is kinda dangerous here and you also showing a bad example on the public and to the new young generation here. So please stop doing this on the public. This message is for all the Cyclist kaki here in town!!! I understand "We Share The Road Not Own The Road" but some dumb ass cyclist just risk their life and take advantage it on the highway here in town!!! 

Only $1.00 For HSBC Platinum Card Holder

Did you see this in your FB today??? Is unbelievable right!!! Yes is true Excapade Sushi having this 3 selected items Salmon Sachimi, Sushi Set, Ebi Tempura all this three only for B$1.00 at all the Excapade outlets and branchs. This promotion is coming soon and for the HSBC Platinum Card holder only!!! Check out today Brunei Times

The Wish That You And Me Which Never Come

Look I don't understand why I can't have a simple customer right here... I'm not talking about the "Customer Always Right" issue. I'm talking about the customer benefit. I was told on the day their internet is good.. fast... awesome. watch youtube is fast enough during their road show at the mall. But now... not need I say you also know is lauya lah.. not that kind of lauya's Lauya.. Is very jialat type lauya!!! Don't play play
So the internet service already that lauya can we get at least 20 to 30% discount? No right... coz is not in the T&C right!!!
Look I go buy a bulb at mini mart or department store if the bulb I salah bought or I want to change to other color they also allow me to change. Why... why I have to get all this unfair internet services and still have to pay what I don't get!!! I really feel like kinda been cheap, scam, coneheaded!!!

I don't know what cause our internet speed going that slow right now. Even just a google home page also have to wait for 30 second to open. If you told me on day time slow is because of everyone is on the net that's is why slow. But now night time even mid-night also slow. Sometime even 3am everyone sleep already still the same jialat slow.
 If you ask me back why the line so slow one.... The only reason I can figure out is because of the "KING of Pirate CD" at Gadong has closed down.
Why I say like that... Look I'm not simply talk talk one... I got monitor it Ok. Since from last year our line started turn very bad and it was happen after the "King of Pirate CD" shop closed. Now everyone no place to buy latest movie and TV Series and now it turn everyone in town become small pirate and go the torrent download movie and Tv show. Ask yourself.. did you download Movie, Tv show, WWE, Porn.... etc recently??
I'm not kidding... even me I'm before not really like to download things from torrent but started from last year when I want to watch something I'll ask my wife to help me coz she more expert than me. I ever see in the record in a night there are more than 15 queue to download. Wow.. My wife is a pirate queen at home....
Just imagine that in a day more than 1000 people same like my wife doing the same thing that download Ugly Betty, Glee, Big Bang Theory, Two And A Half Man, WWE and movie+porn.... I know many people out there downloading stuffs like that when they go for work school or when go to bed! Am I right..
So how to have fast internet like that kan!!
So now how??? Are we still have to suffering slow speed in 2013? Or change to use the Fiber Optic, 4G? Or let the "King of Pirate CD" back to his ship.....hahahahaha
Honestly I already immune sudah lah. slow.. just let them slow lah. Yang penting is they don't tell me they want to increase the fees is enough sudah lah!!!

There A Cat Behind It.

 Bruthers look what I just discover!!! There is a cat behind the meter. You just scroll the meter down and you'll see it. Do it several time and you see more picture. I been using this apps for many times sudah then today I just found out there is always cat behind... lol
No wonder my internet speed always slow lah... lupanya ada kuching kacau behind there!!! Let's try it Bruther! 

Pull the meter down....



 And then....

She back...

 Eh... Marahnya...