Subok Kolomee

Beside the Losan Kolomee and Beragan Ah-Heng Kolomee do you know where do you can find those Kolomee cook in the house one?? Here are the another one newly open at Subok! Now is call Subok kolomee! Last weekend I went to try it there... Eh the almost same like Losan and Berangan one lah... selling soya sauce egg, chicken wing, chicken feet and also kolomee too! 
How was the food???
Eh.. I can say is Ok not bad lah! For people live at Subok there is a good place to eat not need to drive out to town and eat supper anymore! If from my house to there is a bit far lah.. I prefer go Losan one! 
But one thing I like the Subok one is their Kolomee portion is bigger and more noodle the Losan and Berangan one and only $2.00
Siok right.. now the Subok got more thing to eat there liao!  The ZuiQing Nasi Lemak also one of the best Nasi Lemak in town I love it very much. 
Oh btw forget to tell you all where is this place Subok Kolomee it. Is just the next simpang of ZuiQing nasi lemak there! Up hill T junction first house on the left!!!! Very easy to find at night time one.
This is the Subok kolomee lah!!!

And the Chicken wing, feet and egg!

West Park Kiddieland

Alright.... WestPark Kiddieland finally today soft opening! Now my kids got extra place to go play! 
Some parents may still don't know where is this place. Is very easy to find one lah... WestPark is located at the Gadong the old Food Court! still not sure where then you go Gadong Centerpoint front door walk straight sure you see it one lah! Btw.. the PapaRich just next to it also opening soon.. I'll update you all again!
So let's bring you kids there!!! Everything you want to know is in the photos here!  
Prices all in the picture below!!!

Haleem's Authentic Indian Cuisine

If you same like me like to eat Indian foods then I strongly recommended you try this newly open at Cities Square Haleem's Authentic Indian Cuisine!! They have several foods that I never try in any Indian restaurant in town. They are one of the unique Indian restaurant in town and also the only one in town they use charcoal to grill their tandoori chicken. In they menu I also found their prices also reasonable not over charge especially their whole tandoori chicken only cost B$18.00 of coz I did not order that coz I only one person eat how to finish right so I just order some of their signature dishes like the Charcoal Gill Tandoori, Tiger Prawn and also a very special tea that I never have in my life which is their Tandoori Tea!!
Haleem's Authentic Indian Cuisine is located at the Cities Square just next to the Fish&Co. I really love the restaurant design, make me feel like I'm eat in a Indian people's house! Then I notice there is an old man photo hang on the wall then I realize that is the owner's late father that's why they name restaurant after this father's name to remember their dad! 
There is few more things is kinda unique about this restaurant! I'm so surprise to know that the manager Mr. Ali he know how to speak Chinese too!! For those chinese friends is you next time go there don't forget to try talk to the manager with Chinese... I feel so close and like know him long time ago! Mr.Ali is a very nice guy.. he can explain and help you want you like to order! If you not sure what to eat.. please ask for his suggestion! Oh... talk about order, their restaurant also very updated one, they use Mini iPad you place your order!  Menu, picture, prices all in one! 
Recommend have a try over here! thumbs Up!

Panorama view of Haleem's Authentic Indian Cuisine.

The owner's late father Mr. Haleem.
Now I remember him.... He is the old man I use to buy drinks and cigi at Airport departure during 90's where we like to hang around there! 

Their menu are using Mini IPad to place your order! Very easy to use and understand their foods! I like it... Not like other one I have to guess how was it before I order!!

 I give 10/10 of this Pepper Pappadam with Mango Cathi!! The sauce and the Pappadam are so matching totally awesome!  It just like the local Koropok must eat with Acar!!!

The first one and only you can have in town use charcoal to grill Tandoori Chicken. They only use Spring Chicken to grill and that's why it was so soft and yummy!

This is another Haleem's signature dishes Mutton Shish Kebab. It also use Charcoal to cook!

Tandoori Tiger Prawn have a try!!! Are you wondering what is that green sauce? That's is Peppermint Yogurt Sauce! 

 This is my first time I try on an Indian's special tea.. Tandoori Tea! This one must hot hot drink when you after the meal!!! You may not like it when the first sip me also the same but after few sip I start like it especially after I after eat the curry! 

The manager Mr.Ali he can speak chinese too!!

Next time I go Haleem's Authentic Indian Cuisine at Cities Square I was to try this beverage Saffron Milk. Wondering how was it taste hope is nice!!

 Prices are reasonable and many news dishes I never try!! The dosa have many style oh!! CheeseDosa... I wanna try next time. 

Merry Christmas To All


Winter Solstice

Tell you some thing about the the "DongZhi" aka Winter Solstice that you may not know one! 
Next time if you don't know when is the date of DongZhi never mind, there is a very simple way to remember when, Just remember 3 days before Christmas that is the Dongzhi!!! 
Dongzhi not like Chinese new year.. every year is deferent date on the Angmo's calender! Some time January some time February but the Dongzhi surely is 3 days before Christmas one! 
Another things is after the Dongzhi the Day time is longer than night time!!! you don't believe then you have to wake up early and look at the sky loh! The photo above is this morning 6am I take one! you see that or not the sky already very bright there! 
Anyway... Happy Winter Solstice, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!!!

Chicken Prosperity Burger

For some people cannot eat Beef now you can have this Chicken Prosperity Burger!!! Last few weeks is Beef one now the chicken come already!! Baru Hot Hot start one... Today just go there try eat!
But today I got some thing more like it is the Pineapple Pie!!!! I must say this is better than the apple pie oh!!! thumbs thumbs up!! I Lovin' It!!!  

Python Caught At Gadong!!!

Not only you Wow..... when I my friend send me this photo the time I also wow 2 times in the car! Yesterday afternoon my friend send me a photo said he caught a snake at behind this shop at Gadong first time in my mind I was thinking how was this snake come to this area one!! Is it the snake use Purple Bus kah!!! This place is all building no jungle I don't understand how the snake can cross the road and come here! The only one solution I can think is the snake use the longkang behind the mall there all the way slowly slowly from big longkang transit and transit ti small longkang until here and hide at the sampah area eat the mouse there! 
Lucky the snake have been caught before one day eat dogs oh.....
Now the snake already release back to the jungle by my friend so no worries you think it eat my some people lah..hehehe But is true oh.. if long long time ago Chinese people see this thing sure tonight clay pot or steamboat one loh!!!

One of my friend say this is a Reticulated Python!! 

Panda Security 2014

As the need for IT security increases, Concepts Computer strives to provide the most affordable and cost saving solutions for all end users. Which is why Concepts Computer is proud to present a wide selection of security solutions from PANDA Security: PANDA Anti-Virus Pro 2014, PANDA Internet Security 2014, PANDA Global Protection 2014. Each different security software from PANDA Security will have different capabilities and strengths to cater to specific group of users.

PANDA Security is one of the world's most secure and comprehensive leading provider of cloud-based security solutions. Panda Security offers a range of product lines for companies and home users: security software, security appliances and managed security services. The company has also pioneered the launch of the first anti-virus to offer protection from the cloud. All its solutions are backed by tech support services manned by an expert team of professionals, available at all times.

The new PANDA Anti-Virus Pro 2014 offers the easiest and most intuitive protection for your computer. Install it and forget about viruses, spyware, root kits, hackers and online fraud. Chat, share photos and videos, do online shopping and banking, read your favorite blogs or browse the web with total peace of mind and without interruptions. Thanks to the Collective Intelligence technology, this product is safer, faster and more complete than ever. PANDA Anti-Virus Pro 2014 will be $18, usual price $28, for a 1 year 1 PC license.

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For total security, PANDA Global Protection 2014 is the way to go, available for $38, usual price $48, for a 1 year 1 PC. PANDA Global Protection 2014 will help you protect yourself from all kinds of online threats: virus, hackers, online fraud, identity theft and all other known and unknown malware. Keep your inbox spam-free and navigate safely and privately on the internet with the new Panda safe Browser. Your children will navigate safely on the Internet with the improved Parental Control, while the Panda Secure Vault will allow you to encrypt private folders and files or eliminate them forever.

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And also not to forget Concepts Computer will be having it's always anticipated Month-End Promotions at Concepts Kiulap Showroom and to enjoy the many promotions available at Concepts Computer for Brunei Salebrations 2014. For more information call 2233551, 2233552 or 2233553.

Park Garden Hotel Restaurant

Some you do think boring to cook and don't know where and what to eat right? Yeah me also same same like that in a week there is 2 to 3 times don't know what and where to eat! Last night went to see see look look what to eat and I bumped into a place that is my first time there which is the restaurant of Park Garden Hotel at Jerudong there! 
I think there still some people out there don't know where is this place! Park Garden Hotel is after the Bomba on the right hand side.
So last night I ate there and I order few dishes and I found that is 2 dishes I love it now which is the BBQ Lamb and the Minced Chicken Mix Salted Fish.... Good Good you can have a try when next time you come here!
Another thing that impress me is their menu, they using mini ipad one oh!!! So easy and detail with looking at the pictures! And you also can use the iPad mini to online or play the apps they have a free wifi there too! 

This place easily can fit hundreds people makan there, Do event here also not bad, easy and plenty car parks too!  

I want to try this next time after I send my wife to work..hehehe

This is their menu... using iPad Mini tu don't play play.

This is the BBQ Lamb I like one lah! Very soft and tasty too! 

This is a new dishes I first time eat.. Minced Chicken Mix Salted Fish nice I love it! 
The salted egg prawn also not bad. 

The last dishes I order Clay pot tofu. Also not bad too