Y2K vs Maya's Doomsday

Anyone still remember this Y2K? I think after the 2000 people are already slowly remember this word. 12 years ago this Y2K make the whole world jumping up and down, cooperate, government banking spending millions dollars to prevents their computer on their night 31-12-1999 to be ok! Because this Y2K many people have to work on that night and no celebratin new year eve party! Sekali everything is just a myth! Now after 12 years this Maya Doomsday lagi....  The whole world people huhuhaha about! But if you compare this Maya Doomsaday with the Y2K I think the Y2K are more power lah... It make people spend money to solve it out but this doomsday every look like not so care! The reason is because whole world people die what can you do!!! Run not where to run, hide also no place to hide! To survive must have money gao-gao, build a shelter deep deep on the ground got foods and water and entertainment... You see like us this people money cukup-cukup baya otang one  every month how can we care about this doomsday right!!! Even the day is come we all still have to work lah! So forget about this Maya thing lah... Get back to work!!! Eh.... Sorry I salah today is Friday no working!!! Hahahah