The New Supa Save

My teacher said to me before " Today's Home Work Today Do, Don't Wait Until Tomorrow". So yesterday I finish watching the 4x4 race at tanah jambu I rush back home and pick up my wife and children then visit this new Supa Save at the Seria there!
This is the first I see the new Supa Save after take down the old building! Honestly I still like the old building and I think many people do so! But this one new building also looks like Angmo style supermarket too, it has more shop and car park than last time! If you compare this one with the Beribi there this is a bit lower and indoor also darker not as bright as Beribi. 
  Hehehe we all know that every Supa Save the stuff there everything almost the same lah we bandar here also can buy but it just that not sampai here macam not soik kan!!! So me ended up also didn't buy what there only bought a Quarter Pound beef burger there... 
mmm maybe the next year 2013 I come will me different lah coz sure other shop there already open!!!

 click image to view larger!

 Masuk dari sini!!!  Crocs open there soon!

 Great.. got breast feeding room too!

Click image to view larger!

 You'll notice that the upper part of the rack a bit darker...

 Pork Section!!!

 Frozen foods section but I see something hot there

Counter baya sini!!! 

I by this one for my dinner... B$3.00 cukup makan lah!! 

I not sure got quarter pound or not lah but looks big... taste ok ok lah!!