Tasty Corner's Steamboat

Bruther.... If you are a steamboat lover and wanted for good quality and yummy.. I strongly recommended you must out this steamboat at Tasty Corner here(not halal).
2 days ago I went to try out this incredible awesome combination steamboat. Is a Porridge and Prawn Soup steamboat but I call it Yin Yang Ba Gua Zhen Huo Wo-陰陽八卦陣火窩.
Honestly the first thing you sit down and read their menu you will find complicated and the price is expensive. You will telling yourself.. what the hell tofu, cha kueh, egg...etc for $28.00???
And additional for Yin Yang have to add $12.00.. what the hell??? $40.00 steamboat that is too expensive!!! Yeah I also think like that at the first place!!!
But after explained by the staff I realize it wasn't that expensive.... in fact is cheaper and better quality. This is a steamboat not a $10.00 per head sabu-sabu serve you supermarket fish ball- sotong ball, sausage...
Now let me tell you how nice is this Yin Yang steamboat. First of all their ingredients are not frozen food except the meat ball are fresh from KK. Their Chicken are serving you using Kampong Chicken... don't play play not the supermarket selling type.. Is 100% kampong chicken. Prawn is not from the local prawn farm type, is fresh from Sea Prawn. Their Fish Paste are using Ikan Tenggiri, Fresh Pork Belly, Meat Ball from KK. All this ingredients I already thing that my money back sudah. Some more it can serve 4 person + unlimited refill the Prawn Soup and the Porridge!!! Awesome baby....

Why I say this is an incredible awesome combination steamboat. I love the mixture feeling of after I eat a bowl of warm soft kampong chicken porridge from the land then jump to the hot and yummy fresh prawn mee from the sea..
I don't how to tell you this both just perfect match lah.
Now how to cook this... simple saja.. Kampong Chicken for the Porridge.. then you can but other like the meat ball, pork belly, sotong or fish paste. once is cook add the cha kuih in your bowl. Prawn is for you prawn soup... same lah then you can but other like the kangkong, meat ball, pork belly, sotong or fish paste but don't forget over cook the prawn and mee. 
I really love the porridge... if next time raining at night I sure go there and eat it.. Put the kampong chicken in there cook it long long time let it cook sampai soft-soft.. slowly eat the porridge chit-chat with friends coz the longer it cook it more sweet.....and is unlimited refill soup so 5 to 6 person eat also can no problem. So I asked the owner if people come with 10 person just to order this porridge for 2 person also can? He say no problem..still unlimited refill the porridge to them!!
Wow... that is really awesome lah... think about it the food I order can serve 4 person no problem yet is unlimited refill soup and porridge, fresh ingredients.... One person only $10.00 saja... that is super worth it lah bruther!!! 

Don't over cook this baby... if not you wont taste the sweet!!!

Where can you find other got serve you Kampong Chicken?

I can finish it doesn't care how much you give me this KK meat ball!!!

Suggest you cook this sotong paste with thick size because they don't put much Cornstarch in there so it won't break a part!!!

Tenggiri fish paste...

That's my!!! No one can touch!!!

I love to suck the yellow paste in the prawn head!!! Yummy...

This is the perfect size and the prawn are ready to eat!!!

Once you bite.. you know what is call kampong chicken liao..

One more bowl Prawn Mee please!!!!