School Holiday Job

Normally I don't share this kind of info in my fb page or in my blog but this is really unique. Yesterday I went to top my my car fuel and I saw a new staff working at Jerudong fuel station and this girl are the pretties fuel filling assistant I ever see. I can say she is the best looking girl in all the fuel station in town. Of coz you cannot compare the auntie at gadong fuel station one lah hehehe  here you don't see her face coz have to give people a little privacy lah right... I know some restaurant or shop the owner like to hide female staff which is good looking but if the fueling station also using the same concepts wow... All they staffs are young and have a nice smile to all the I think not need to wait public holiday they everyday also long Q there...hehehe. 
I'm so proud of her she doesn't care this is a hard+tough+hot job here, doesn't care how people look at her especially guys like to kacau her she just do her jod and make sure everything goes well. I think she just baru finish school and now wait for her result... well done I'm so proud of you... Instate of wasting time at home better come out and look for money yo! Boys and girls... you all should look at her and not waste your time at home... get out and gain some experience for your life!!