RM2.5 vs Salebration

Looks like the bonus didn't impact much of the shoppers to do their shopping in town here. Funny things is out side the mall there is a lot of cars jamming out side but in the shopping mall you don't see much people as the car, so where is all the people got?
Looks like the Salebration can't attracted the shoppers compare the RM2.5 currency exchange.
It seen to be the neighbor country shop taokie they are always the winner when every year the bonus come. You know what kind of shop are happy here when bonus come? Mobile phone... Cos shopper here won't got Miri Limbang and buy mobile phone there.
Honestly is kinda sad to see the scenario like that every year... Do you see or not that's why RM can not need go back to their currency exchange rate like before. Forever one year drop 50 cent and they can live happily ever after liao. If suddenly rise back to 15 years ago RM 1.8 - B$1.00 you think our shopper here still want to go there and shop?? 
In fact is the more it drop the more they happy coz we all earn here and spend there!!!