Quarter Pounder + Big & Tasty

Makan Ceria Sdn Bhd the franchise holder for McDonald's in Brunei here proudly to announce 2 new range of burgers which is the Quarter Pounder and Big&Tasty now available at McD Brunei!!!
Both will be permanent on the menu no more sekajap ada or after few month no more selling!!! Bila-bila mau makan pun ada now! Ya lah like that baru soik lah... if not every time I just makan Big Mac saja, now I have more choice to fill up my tummy sudah! Both also have Value Meals and come with fries and soft drinks. Quarter Pounder only $5.50 for ala carte, $6.60 for medium size value meal and $7.20 is large size. Big&Tasty is $6.10 ala carte, $7.20 medium, $7.80 for large!!!!

  Using on;y 100% pure beef patty!!! If one day got use Japan Wayu beef for the burgers... Alamak I fly lah!!!!!

 This is my Quarter Pounder!!! Cukup for your lunch/dinner sudah lah!!!

Tak cukup.... one more Big&Tasty sure you cannot walk out the door!!!! LOL 

Next is this... The one year one time Prosperity Burger!!! Me and my friend Melvin we both must eat it once in a year before or during Chinese New Year!!! 
Hehehe... today I have a advance to eat it early lah! You people have to wait for few more day lagi, If lucky tomorrow maybe they start serving it!! This year is different than last year coz finally it comes with "LONG" Prosperity not the short one... Long is good, Long good health, Long Fortune, Long long long!!!(check my old post)

Now this is my new favorite fries... Must eat it hot hot!!! 

And you all are welcome for this at Gadong McD there!!!