Photocopy Machine Why Don't Come With USB Pen Drive ?

Have you ever this come to you... Me when every time wanted to photocopy something sure come out this question. Why until now we still don't have a photocopy machine that can just use a pen drive saja so not need to bring original document. There is couple of time I want to print out a document in my pen drive for few copies but I have to use a normal printer to print out one first ( which cost me 50 cents) then use it for the photocopy machine to print out again!
I feel that like kinda stupid lah... now coming 2013 already, technology already so high tech but still we don't have a photocopy can use pen drive one... I don't know lah maybe have already but I still haven't see one here!! If have right it will me more easy for us to print thing like PDF file, handbook, menu... etc!!! Bah come make one lah what are you waiting for this idea sure make money tu!!!