NBT Snowing

Hehehe... again this year bring my small family come here and take pictures just the the others!
This year the theme is world christmas, with in a minutes we travel Paris, Holland, Rome, London. Is beautiful no wonder banyak people come and take pictures lah. I suggest you come early lah.. What I mean early is not the time is the day... If you come after a week I sure it not beautiful as new lah! Today just the second official open for public I already see some decoration rosak or part hilang sudah! Especially the big christmas ball few are gone from the christmas tree.. Look like some people are selfish wanted to keep it as it own!!! 
If you come here don't rush to go back early coz there have Snow falling and the smoke came out from the chimney. I'm not sure how many minutes showing one time lah!
One more thing I want you to beware is the staircase there... be careful when you holding the hander coz there is few shape cable tie could be cutting your hand or finger! I think it should be taken away and redo it again!