Nancy Need Your Help

First of all I not really close to her but I only know her brother. She and her brother last time studying in CHMS. She is really good in sport during the late 80's and 90's. I remember that she buang basi ufo very good one. During the sea game I'm so proud of her because she is the only one chinese girl from my school CHMS  and won 2 bronze medals in the games!
Now she suffering from spine and foot  injuring need money to operation. Can some of the Chinese Communities give her a hand??? Supermarket-Department Store boss, Auto Dealer Boss, Kedai Emas Boss, Soft Drink Boss, Can Foods Boss, Koropok Boss, Restaurant Boss, Hardware Boss, Aircon Boss, Tv Boss, Camera Boss, Developer Boss, Car Spare Parts/Accessory Boss, Advertising Signage Boss, Insurance Boss, Hotel Boss, Travel Agents Boss etc.....All this Bosses each and everyone donate a few thousands dollars I don't think not enough for her save her from suffering of pains!!! Don't say operation lah... Money also enough for her to buy a pair Bio-Legs also enough lah!!! 
If you are not a boss like me also can help her too... B$10.00 easy for you can me lah right!!!
Come support our old friend here. She need our help. For further information on the 'Charity for Nancy' events, members of the public can contact the sport section at 2381903/4/5 extension 1616,1630,1633