My Maid

After my old maid Leleh she pulang Indon at the 7th November due to finish contract me until now the new maid still haven't arrived. When ask the agent everytime sure got different story to excuse one ani lah... atu lah... on the way now in Puntianak...Now stuck at Sarawak .Doing the paperwork...bla bla bla.. Jialat lah don't know am I  kana tipu or not this time. Seriously hire and maid to work here is not a easy thing. Money pay already but now a shadow also haven't once!  Some more in a month I don't know how many times I hear people kana tipu by the agent here... I really kinda frustrated about this hire maid now. Now because of no maid thing me everyday like stuck in the house cannot do things outside. Must have to wait until the both at nap in the afternoon baru I can go out and have some fresh air! Me now kinda miss my old maid.. how I wish she can come back and work for me!!
Leleh... You balik lah.... Anak ku ridu you!!!