Look Like Pizza But Taste Like Burger

Great... if you and your partner one want to eat Burger and another want to eat Pizza then you should try out this American Burger at the Swensen's. Is a Pizza but taste like a Burger.
Today I spend a half day at the mall with my wife and daughter there. We are looking for school bag and shoe for my daughter lo.. ya lah she is going to school next year sudah... Fast right the time go!
Alright back to the Pizza... so we went to have brunch at Swensen there and I saw their menu with this American Burger and is an Pizza. It really make me curious about this Pizza. Is it Pizza or Burger I ask the waiter and he told me is pizza and no typo with the menu! So I order lah... then when it come to my table I baru believe that I order a pizza.
When I have my first bite just a snap of second my tongue telling me is a burger!!!!
You don't believe me.. then you go try it yourself lah! btw this American Burger is in my meal list now!!!

Yummy.... too bad I can't lic