Is Time To Break It!!!!

Ya sad looking my D90 turn into like this right! Ai ya what to do, no choice already this is the only way I can do. Actually I have to do this long time ago but just sayang it don't dare to do. The reason why I breaking it a part is because the rotator of the battery grip it jam already and then I use force to turn it and it broke with the gears. So the screw jam with the body. The only way is tearing apart then can remove the battery grip from the body. Is battery grip is in good condition but just the gear rosak saja. Now no choice lah everything have to rosakan. 

Actually today I don't want to do it one. But today I went to old airport the collect the item I buy in Ebay it arrived. Is a camera strap which can screw at the bottom of my battery grip. Baru I just screw in on and tide it up the screw putus... lagi!! So jialat lah.. alang-alang I just break the whole thing lah.
  Tomorrow I just go get another good one saja lah.. but the strap have to wait for few day look for the screw lah.. hopefully next time no more putus lagi lah!

First is gentle open the small screws...  

Then come to this part have to use force sudah!!!  

I want to see how strong are you there!!!

I see you.... now is easy for me to lose you liao!!!