Happy Year End

Where is everybody??? Sounds like a lot of people not in town at the end of the year! When I look at my FB I also don't see people updated their wall. Only only in FB even on the road also the same not much car! The only place you see many people is people today Q at the ATM machine withdraw money! Is payday featuring Bonus day... awesome lah! I also thinking to withdraw money to spend but when I saw the Q I tarus put reverse gear balik kampong rumah.. wait until just now 10:30pm I baru go and take money! 
Maybe that also one of the reason lah everyone go makan angin. Soik also see people got bonus to take, Me I think more that 8 years nobody give me bonus sudah!!! Eh Jealous I....

Here are some things I post in the fb page about the Fun Facts With ATM Machine 
Looks like everyone enjoy about it!!!