Fruits Season = Sick Season

I don't how the rest of your anak lah but my baby really kasian lah. In a week 2 time sudah visit clinic. Before last Sunday already sick and bring her to see doctor and Borneo. After that looks better sudah but don't know why today 5pm suddenly temperature go up 39'c again. so bring her to see Doctor C at Kiulap there. 
As long as the local fruits season come sure got many people get sick one. Rambutan, Durian both this don't play play... powerful lah make people sick easily. But no eat also no siok also... so many people rather get sick also don't want to miss the one year one time durian season.
Recently I really saw many durian selling in town and is really cheap. Every night I can see sure got people sharing their durian photos in FB. Especially one of my friend post a photo taken at the Gadong Pasar Malam... wow on hill of durian putih and kuning...
Me also pity... the durian start selling in town until now I still have eat one. coz me don't know why until now still have recover my running nose... maybe is because of the punishment from the god I show off too much eat durian from the pass kali.... T.T
But anyway.. I really hope that my daughter get well early lah... So I not need sakit kepala sudah!