Durian Siapa Ni???

Hey Hey Hey..... Siapa Di Dalam... Aku Di Luar!!
Look what I spotted today you won't believe what I see here. Pile of durian just ampai ampai at the road side at tungku link on the way to Narcotic there!!
It looks likes someone planing to selling durian here but I don't understand why they didn't bring back and just leave it there? Really not mind if people take away ka? I spotted it early in the morning after I sent my wife to work and on my way back home I saw this. I think is already here since last night...
I guess this year the durian really have a lot lah... Kana curi also never mind lah right! In pasar gadong also have a lot there... Now sampai put at the road side also no body want to curi!!! hahaha