4X4 Race At Tanah Jambu

I never like 4x4 but after I few months ago I follow my friends to KK see the Borneo Safari I think I kinda like this game. Now I think that this is a real man game. Dirty, Sweaty, Stinky,Tough, Wet and Hot all this is in part of the game.. If you are a Gentleman+Sissy please back off and don't step on this field.
Yesterday I went to the Tanah Jambu there and see my friends participate the 4x4 race and they won 2nd in team work category. Good job bruther!!!
During the event walaupun is hot and dry but still many people came and see the race.. and some people use their 4x4 camp out side near the road there to watch the race... awesome lah.
Bah next time I join you both lah!!!