You Love Her Don't Send Her Money!!

Ok guys don't eat full full got nothing to do send money to those lady you don't know them and they add you in Facebook! Wa... you really think that she really going to love you and buy ticket come to meet you ka? Yes.. possible if you really lucky lah. If not lucky then you don't blame her who cheating you lah. Who ask you not smarter than her!
 In a week I received two message from my 3 different friends. All also telling me that their friends kana cheated by girls who they added from facebook. And want me to share their profile in my facebook page and blog. Eh.. sorry lah ya this one I can't do coz me not a police. Unless is a confirmation from them and ask me to share then I think I'll do it lah!
What I only can do is sharing some idea and info of how to beware saja.
Look at the poster from the kirim duit bank.. they already telling you sudah here... Think twice before you sent money to a stranger!!!