Rims Pasar Malam

Last night when I look back the photos of my trip to KK I just realize I didn't share this with you all.
The second night when we pass by a place (sorry I really don't know where is the location) it was 9pm and yet we still saw a tyre shop at the road side still open.... Wow their rims macam selling at pasar malam one... banyak lah!!! And I ask the staff open until what time they say until 10:30pm.
Seriously I never see a tyre shop open till that late and some more really still got people came for rim shopping!
Old style, New style, Big size, Small Size macam-macam rims ada... but mostly is for small car like kancil, proton, lancer etc... not for sport car kaki like GTR or 370Z kaki...
Prices I think is cheap lah... mostly Rm$1600.00 but the rim look like Made in China type...hehehe
Ok lah don't say is MIC, it look like replica or OEM.

If you want branded rims... mmm I don't think have lah!

Second hand rim also have...