Remind Me 20 Years Ago

Three days in the roll I pass by this place every time I see it full of people queuing until the door. Even after lunch or dinner also the same... wah my friend if don't believe what I say you go see yourself lah.
Maybe is because we all long time no eat already that's why after the renovation we all rush and q for their foods.
Time goes really fast lah.... if I'm not mistaken McDonalds in Brunei also got 20 years already. When the first day on their opening I still remember they hire brass band to preform there. During that time I also a brass band member in my school and our teacher told us we are going to perform there but don't know why last last not jadi... mmmm waste our time everyday practice and practice..

 Honestly I'm a Mc's fans... not only me but my sister in law too... 15 years ago when she pregnant Big Mc is her main foods lol.... after the niece born I think her birthday got more than 5 times celebrate there. So now is my baby tun lah... I just went there and book for my 2nd daughter for her One years old birthday party!
I kinda like their new renovation especially the second floor. You can have your own private room which can fit more that 25 people in there.. and the playground also better than last time.
But one thing is missing which is the Toys.... The Mc's toy collection don't know where is it sudah.. if don't want can I buy it??? hehehe

The new look inside of  their outlet!!!

To the second floor I feel like kinda bigger sudah... don't you think so?

This is the private room!