Pesta Pertanian, Perikanan Dan Agrimakanan 2012

I'm sure not many of you know that there is such a event been held right now at the Amphitheater Jerudong Park. It started from 14 November until 20 November 2012. If my mother in law didn't tell me I also don't know about it.
Of coz if you think this place only suitable for those uncle-auntie to jalan-jalan which is wrong sudah lah! It also suitable for a family day also.... It has games for kids to play, things to learn too. heheh for me of coz I love Durian lah bro!!

Let's try and see you can ring the duck or not!!!

Fresh fish also can buy here...

mari-mari... macam-macam ikan ada!!!

Let's try what fish you can dart!! 

Yeah.. this is what I'm talk about!!!