Pasar Tamu Tutong

Yo Bruther... check it out this place this is my first time I came here at the Tutong's Tamu. Every Thursday thousands of Bruneian came here to buy friuts, vige and a lot of stuffs. I really didn't expect to see that much of people jalan-jalan here lah.... I feel like I'm walking at Bandar during our HM's birthday there.
Macam-macam ada things you can see people selling there.. foods, pets, flowers. cloths. toys, antiques etc... Guess what I buy? hehehe apa lagi of coz Durian lah!! Nice or not I know know now..have to wait tonight I eat baru tau lah! My mon in law tole me during the local fruits season is the best time to come. If you next Thursday got noting to do... try to come here see see look look tt started in the from morning until afternoon. . Ok tu cuci mata pun boleh dapat there... hehehe

Eh..... Ubat Kanser pun ada?

If you like you can ask for bargain too!!!

LED torchlight, flashlight, headlight... macam-macam ada!! 

Have you wondering how they tapao the hamster for you to bring back home??? heheh for me to know for you to find out!!!

Boys and girls heaven!!!!

Honey... wait until you older a bit I buy for you..Ok!!! Is a pet not a toy!!

Playing Hide "N" Seek??? 

Flowers and Plants section! 

My daughter say this is Strawberries.... hehehe

Antique stuff...