No More Ahn-nyung-ha-se-yo

Sorry Bruther.... me long time like no really sit down and really blog about something in my blog!
For the pass few weeks me everyday hang around in Empire Hotel there.. Everyday  Ahn-nyung-ha-se-yo... Ahn-nyung-ha-se-yo.  That is noting lah.. the jialat part is hear the PSY Oppa Gangnam Style song... In my now I can vivid hear EH.... Sexy Lady... op op
 But so far is Ok lah.. show is running well and my favorite part is the Gala Night when they have Flying Lantern and Firework. Too bad last night have rain and a bit strong wind the lantern is cancel.
So now me can back to my favorite time... go go here and go go there... No more saying  Ahn-nyung-ha-se-yo!

I know I missed a lot of event recently like the Go Kart at Bandar, Logo at Time Square, Run run here and Run run there, Peter Pan at Jerudong!!! Even I didn't come but me also know it happen when I was in the Empire there.
So see you all around start form today Bruther!!!