My Personal Energy Monitor

If not because this gadget I also don't know my house one year use that much of energy. Now I can use it to monitor how much power I use daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. It also tell me how much Co2 I burn, It also can be a home deco, clock... the best thing is it wireless and I can bring it every corner of my house and switch on/off and show me the rate of power I use. I got this Wattson at the Bobby Electric there few day ago. It took me less than 10 minutes to fix with my fuse box. I have to log in to to sign up first them you can down load the software and setting for Brunei time and the electric rate. The cool stuff is you can even up load it to their social group and share your record of how much power you use or save... 

After 2 days of using it, now then I know my house day time using energy  are more than night time. Funny right!!! After I monitor then I realize is because of the Fan, Ironing, TV, Water pump, Washing Machine, Toilet Light, Water Heater, Rice Cooker, Exhaust Fan all this yang kuat makan electric... Night time when everyone sleep everything switch off only Freezer, Aircon and 3 lights on saja.. Power are less use than in the day time!!! 
I think this gadget is very good for people who want to let their family or staffs to know how much money and energy they use and also it can help awareness too.

Now my table lamp replace with this.... More better and also romantic...hehehe

This is the energy I use in my house when my room A/C on!!!

When I switch off my A/C...

I can hook it up with my mac and see how much energy and money I spend in this 2 days!!!

You see that... Sunday everyone at home and more energy pakai!!!