Movember Night

The event is co-organised by Movember BN, BruneiTweet and KFC Brunei. "Movember" (i.e. Mustache + November) is a growing worldwide campaign involving the growing of mustaches through the month of November. The symbol for "Movember" is the mustache, but the campaign goes much deeper. It is purposed to raise awareness about Men's Health issues (e.g. prostate cancer, testicular cancer, depression, etc) affecting millions of men across the globe.   The "Movember Tweet Up" is open to everyone - young and old, women and men from the general public. It is supported by representatives from B: Read, Muzikaliti, SCOT Brunei, UBDFM, Counter Attack, Brunei Cosplayers, Brunei Darussalam AIDS Council, etc. 

Delwin giving a speech during the end of the night!

Are you sure you both not related???  Look kinda same-same....

Register first... get you number... and Q for your drinks! 

Wah... batman shape also have!!!!

Guys..... How to say Happy Birthday in Chinese???? LOL....

Say your last word....
Eh...... Movember!!!

My number to get the free beverage.