Korea Amway Is Back

Guys I'll be busy for this event for this coming 2 weeks. So maybe I'll be less update my blog that story outside the Empire Hotel.
Korea Amway is back to Brunei again this year so you will see a lot of Korea people visit around Brunei in this few weeks. If I'm not mistaken this is my 3 time that doing their event and this time I'm hire as support stuff by the Empire Hotel.
I heard that the Korea Amway they want to hire PSY to come Brunei for perform here but it was tooooooooo expensive. 2 millions Sin-dollars per show and for 4 times that means 8mil.. wow that's really kaya la! That's why no jadi hire PSY come here.. it not hehehe I'll take pictures and do Gangnam Style with him!!!
Ok so i try my best to update my blog lah.. but I think ada pun in my Facebook Page saja coz is easy and faster and story pun also mostly in Empire with the Korea Amway event or the Korea Foods...hehehe
Oh... now talk about the Korean Food I really miss that their Korean BBQ and the Kimchi soup noodle.. yummy I hope can eat it again!!! 

 Anita Sarawak sing during 2005 the first time Korea Amway held in Brunei.