Is Open Now!!!

Wah Bruther... I wait for your opening until my neck like Giraffe that long loh!! Ai yoyo... finally today you started open liao! Hey guys now again we have a new place to makan good stuff sudah! Check out this Tasty Corner (non-halal restaurant) now are new style, new foods, new renovation and new boss!!
At the moment now they are open start from morning 7am till 2pm and selling the Sabah Sheng Rou Mian! Afternoon close... wait until December them they have open night time for the Steam Boat!!!
I try their Sheng Rou Mian... mmm yummy yummy! No regret and no disappointing me!!!
I'm not surprise to see that many people coming in and wait for long q of their orders. Before 2pm already all sold out... what a power and good impact. Hopefully tomorrow they can get ready for more stock to serve the customer lah! I recommended to you try out this... Now I can't wait to try out their steam boat!