How To Check Engine Oil?

You know actually we have a lot of people here are having a wrong mind set of how to fill up the M-Oil in our car engine. Even those some of the mechanic also doing wrong or giving a wrong information of it.
I know many of you when fill up the m-oil you'll going to check and see the oil got reach to the mark at the top or not right? Actually that is Wrong!!! Even some of the mechanic who work for many years in repairing car also do like this too.... That's a wrong move buddy! 
Now why I say that is wrong is a very simple theory. The dipstick has 2 mark which is telling us the level of the oil. We all have this habits always filling the oil up to the top level... actually that was wrong coz the dipstick is telling us the level "Minimum and Maximum" not like your fuel tank telling you "Empty or Full"
The m-oil dipstick telling you the "MIN" is minimum, the oil minimum must reach here not telling you your oil is finish. The "MAX" which mean that is the maximum level for your m-oil to reach not telling you your oil has full.   
So the best oil level which is in between in the Min and Max... if your oil is over the Max level is better take out a bit before you run the engine lah!
Now you look at my picture on top that is Ok level, don't think that is not enough ok!!!
Again remember this... MIN is minimum must reach here and the MAX is Maximum which mean your oil has reach to the danger zone!
A lot of time when you and me buy a 4 liters of m-oil to do servicing and the mechanic always told you..... "Oh your 4 liter not enough for engine, have to top up another small bottle again". Tell him to show you the dipstick oil level is it right at the middle? If is yes then you can save your money lah....
  After you read this I'm sure you'll say "Oh now then I know..."

Is already telling us in hand menu already but it just people are too smart never read it....

See that??? Must not over the Max mark.... which mean that lower