How I Wish You Fall...

Not only me saja... I'm sure if you like me follow him behind also wish his tyre kana lobang and then some of the durian fall down and the driver didn't notice then you can get some free durian right!!!
hehehe... This few day me already saw 4 times different double cab car bringing durian on the road. Not sure where is all this durian come from so many now... I don't think is from local lah. If you follow this people car behind not need to roll down our window open aircon also can smell if from 100 meter away sudah!
Seriously I really see a lot of Durian in few week people makan durian putih or kuning posting in FB. Looks like this year the durian market very good good tu... but too bad this year my wife kampong not even on durian flower open!!! Sad... this year balik kampong no durian makan!