Freebie Durian...

Everyone knows now is Durian season again... But do you know where can get Free Durian?
I have a secret that put in my heart for many years already... Sorry that I been so greedy that not sharing this with you all. The reason I today sharing this with you all is 2 days ago one of my friend called me up and ask me "Do you know that there is a durian tree full of durian just right beside the highway next to the Ripas?"
hehehe yes I do know and knew it for long time already but every year I have a chance to eat coz when it almost kinda big enough but not yet cook already got some people went to cut all the fruits down. I'm not sure who are that people lah but think about it I think the Durian tree are consider belong to Bandaran's property lah!!!
 Hey.. don't play play oh the amount of the durian not just a little bit saja oh... I can say got almost nore than a hundreds up there. Next time if you pass by from Ripas go down to Jalan Tutong you look at your right hand side.... I'm sure you WOW!!!!!!!
Bah not I already share this secret hopeful I don't see people next day camping next the highway there...heheheh 

Those red arrow is Durian!!!! Awesome right!!!
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