EveLim Orientation Day

You see... during our school time we ask why the time goes slow slow one. Now when we big already we ask back again why the go so fast. I can't believe that my daughter today is her day for orientation at my old school CHMS. So starting next year this is where she study liao lah and I will be like the all uncle everyday sending her to school and waiting outside chitchat with other uncle under the trees and hut! Suffering the traffic jams and hot weather and my nightmare started begin here.

Fast fast fast...too fast sudah, I feel like my anak baru just born and now she have to go to school...
So what's next? after few year she start dating and party and kahwin??? hehehe some friends even say next day I see my grand anak soon in my fb!

During my year in this school my kindergarten still make by wooden like a long house!!! 

Everyone enjoy watching the kids dancing....

I know my daughter can dance better than them.. Baby do the Gangnam Style there...Go!!!