Boat Trip

Have you ever try out a boat trip to Brunei River? If you haven't I suggest you try once in life time in Brunei! Is really awesome!
I didn't expected the Bandar Seri Begawan's night view from Kg. Air it was such that awesome... I swear it is really nice! Too bad last night is raining so I can't show you our trip during the night time!
We went to Kg. Sungai Kebun walking around the water village then pass by the Istana Nurul Iman, watch the proboscis monkey(long nose monkey) at the bunut there and then stopped under the bridge to Pusat Ehsan due to the heavy rain. On the way back to Bandar we spotted Crocodiles. Fly Fox and the most amazing is hundreds one FireFly!!! Awesome awesome awesome... I must go there again ont time with my family but must wait for my daughter bigger a bit lah! Honestly the moment we saw fire fly really siok lahj... everyone in the boat like become little boys and girls. I do saw firefly before went I was boy but never see that must! I really don't know that we Brunei have much a wonderful+beautiful places and it just few miles away from my home!!! Sweet..... I really love it Bruther!

We all like a tourism walking around at Kg.Air! Macam a China 

The rain is coming on our way to see monkeys!!!

FYI... don't walk to near at the Kg. Air. Two reason, Beware to fall in the river and step on the cat pupu!!!

One of the owner house got this pet!! Steady jua , I wonder how he catch it!

This is the last photo of the boat trip.... after this the heavy rain had fall! 

 We catch some Fire Fly back home.. this is what I think is worth it for of the wet cool trip. My daughter first see firefly!!!!