1/2 Half Boil Egg

Hahahaha oh I see.... now then I know it call Soft Boil Egg not Half Boil Egg!!!
Recently me post something in my fb page and I joking about I want to selling Nasi Lemak B$18.50.
So I was saying the nasi lemak got  Coconut Rice, Fried Chicken, Peanut, Ikan Pusu, Cucumber, Sambal and Egg. About the Egg thing... ya at first I want to say Half Boil Egg which I mean is Half Side of Boiled Egg... but what people now mean Half Boil Egg is half cooked boiled egg...
So because of this I go look for the answer. I asked few of my friend they also cannot give me the correct answer.. All say Half Boil Egg... I don't want half boil egg, I want half side of the boiled cooked egg!!! 
Last last I asked my niece last night and her father gave me the answer....
Is call Half Hard Boil Egg!!!
And now I understand that Half Cooked Boil Egg is call "Soft Boil Egg" and the fully boiled egg is call "Hard Boil Egg" 
hehehe... don't blame ok... Me no School High High how I know got this hard and soft thing right!!!
But at least I look for answer and learn kan!!! I think not only me don't know this hard boil egg and soft boil egg one... Let's go Kopi shop see they all know is call soft boil egg or half boil egg lah... hehehe

This is Soft Boil Egg

This is Hard Boil Egg