Entering History

When is the last day for them to run the business here.. no body knows. The only thing they can do is Wait.... and Wait... and wait. Wait until the day they receive the letter and tell them to move.
Their neighbor already received the letter to move and the land is not going to sambong. By next of the next month have to move out liao. So this famous fried kuey teow at Sungai Liang sooner or later also have to move... 
I asked the owner what is their next plan, Are they going to open at another place..At the moment they still planing and looking for places too. I hope they can open a branch at bandar here so me if want to eat not need to go that far anymore.....
So Bruther if you pass by here don't forget to eat is not later close you bising-bising say didn't eat their last fried kuey teow there.

I can't remember when is my first time I had this..... If there is a hall of frame of Kuey Teow I'll sure this one is up on the wall.

Mostly the Sungai Liang man lepak at this place... Soon is going to say good-bye. T.T

I'm going to miss this place one day!!!

Fish & Co School Holiday Promotion

Yo Bruther..... Check this out, Fish & Co they having a school holiday promotion now. Started from 26th November until 31st December 2012 all day.....Everyday their Fish & Chips from around the world they slashed B$2.00 off for all the 8 fish & chips menu. Not only that.. they also have coloring competition for kids winner will win a set meal for 2 adult and 2 child each and the winning piece will be framed up and displayed at the restaurant and also on Fish & Co. instagram page.
For reservation, Fish & Co. can be reached at 2392 666 or 873 1771. or instagram page fishncobrunei. Our Fishing hours is Monday to Thursday from 11.00am-3.00pm (last order 2.30pm) and 5.00pm -10.30pm (last order 10.00pm) Friday from 2.00pm – 10.30pm. Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday from 11.00am – 10.30pm.

How many of you can finish this drink!!!

This is everyone favorite in Brunei!

Arctic Fish & Chips now only B$10.95.

Singapore Fish &Chips B$9.95

Yummy.. I love well as JMA too!!

This combination was created by a Fish & Co's VVVIP

We all having a great dinner last night! Thanks for the treat...

How I Wish You Fall...

Not only me saja... I'm sure if you like me follow him behind also wish his tyre kana lobang and then some of the durian fall down and the driver didn't notice then you can get some free durian right!!!
hehehe... This few day me already saw 4 times different double cab car bringing durian on the road. Not sure where is all this durian come from so many now... I don't think is from local lah. If you follow this people car behind not need to roll down our window open aircon also can smell if from 100 meter away sudah!
Seriously I really see a lot of Durian in few week people makan durian putih or kuning posting in FB. Looks like this year the durian market very good good tu... but too bad this year my wife kampong not even on durian flower open!!! Sad... this year balik kampong no durian makan!

Movember Night

The event is co-organised by Movember BN, BruneiTweet and KFC Brunei. "Movember" (i.e. Mustache + November) is a growing worldwide campaign involving the growing of mustaches through the month of November. The symbol for "Movember" is the mustache, but the campaign goes much deeper. It is purposed to raise awareness about Men's Health issues (e.g. prostate cancer, testicular cancer, depression, etc) affecting millions of men across the globe.   The "Movember Tweet Up" is open to everyone - young and old, women and men from the general public. It is supported by representatives from B: Read, Muzikaliti, SCOT Brunei, UBDFM, Counter Attack, Brunei Cosplayers, Brunei Darussalam AIDS Council, etc. 

Delwin giving a speech during the end of the night!

Are you sure you both not related???  Look kinda same-same....

Register first... get you number... and Q for your drinks! 

Wah... batman shape also have!!!!

Guys..... How to say Happy Birthday in Chinese???? LOL....

Say your last word....
Eh...... Movember!!!

My number to get the free beverage.

Photo Shooting For Tasty Corner's Menu

This is my first time a restaurant hire me for a shooting their menu. How I was hire? The owner see my blog lah.. and he think that my photo inside there not bad so I get a try lah.
It took me hours for the shooting section not almost one day to do the edit. So next time if you go Tasty Corner eat Sheng Rou Mian there you see the pictures in the menu and the wall photo are all my work!!

Kolo Mee Kosong!

Meat Ball Soup

Century Egg Porridge 

To Day Today

No one notice it until I edit the photo of my 2nd daughter birthday party celebrate at Mcdonald baru I saw this the cake my wife she order salah the message.
So what do you think of this moral? Check before write? wrong.... is a baker not only need to have a very good skill in baking but also good in the Grammar. 
Lucky me also no school high high... My english also Limited Edition download halfway so which is fine by me... hehehe. If the Father got PhD level and see this.. hahaha co

1/2 Half Boil Egg

Hahahaha oh I see.... now then I know it call Soft Boil Egg not Half Boil Egg!!!
Recently me post something in my fb page and I joking about I want to selling Nasi Lemak B$18.50.
So I was saying the nasi lemak got  Coconut Rice, Fried Chicken, Peanut, Ikan Pusu, Cucumber, Sambal and Egg. About the Egg thing... ya at first I want to say Half Boil Egg which I mean is Half Side of Boiled Egg... but what people now mean Half Boil Egg is half cooked boiled egg...
So because of this I go look for the answer. I asked few of my friend they also cannot give me the correct answer.. All say Half Boil Egg... I don't want half boil egg, I want half side of the boiled cooked egg!!! 
Last last I asked my niece last night and her father gave me the answer....
Is call Half Hard Boil Egg!!!
And now I understand that Half Cooked Boil Egg is call "Soft Boil Egg" and the fully boiled egg is call "Hard Boil Egg" 
hehehe... don't blame ok... Me no School High High how I know got this hard and soft thing right!!!
But at least I look for answer and learn kan!!! I think not only me don't know this hard boil egg and soft boil egg one... Let's go Kopi shop see they all know is call soft boil egg or half boil egg lah... hehehe

This is Soft Boil Egg

This is Hard Boil Egg

No More Ahn-nyung-ha-se-yo

Sorry Bruther.... me long time like no really sit down and really blog about something in my blog!
For the pass few weeks me everyday hang around in Empire Hotel there.. Everyday  Ahn-nyung-ha-se-yo... Ahn-nyung-ha-se-yo.  That is noting lah.. the jialat part is hear the PSY Oppa Gangnam Style song... In my now I can vivid hear EH.... Sexy Lady... op op
 But so far is Ok lah.. show is running well and my favorite part is the Gala Night when they have Flying Lantern and Firework. Too bad last night have rain and a bit strong wind the lantern is cancel.
So now me can back to my favorite time... go go here and go go there... No more saying  Ahn-nyung-ha-se-yo!

I know I missed a lot of event recently like the Go Kart at Bandar, Logo at Time Square, Run run here and Run run there, Peter Pan at Jerudong!!! Even I didn't come but me also know it happen when I was in the Empire there.
So see you all around start form today Bruther!!!

Acer Commercial Product Update Seminar

This morning Acer Malaysia organizing a Acer product update seminar at the Rizqun Hotel. Acer Commercial Veriton Desktop & TravelMate Notebook Ready to Enter Brunei Market With Reliability & Productivity. Designed to meet the needs of Government, Enterprise and SMB for performance, efficiency and reliability. The range of Acer Veriton Desktop & TravelMate Notebooks comes in various practical design to meet every commercial user’s expectation.
The Acer Veriton Desktops are available in five practical dimensions ranging from an ultra-small 3 litre form factor to a full size 30 litre micro-tower as well as the all-in-one design. Veriton designed to be green with Energy Star 5.0 and 80Plus certification. GS & CE certification ensures quality. Solid capacitor adoption further extends the lifespan of the Veriton Desktop.

Acer TravelMate Notebooks come mainly in 11.6” & 14” sizes starting from only 1.38 kg. Most importantly, TravelMate Notebooks are toughened with robust design, e.g. 25,000 hinge test cycle, electric shock test, spill test, dust ejection fan design, power on drop test, etc. to ensure it out performs user expectations & environment challenges. Acer Veriton and TravelMate are made more user friendly and reliable with the Acer Office Manager as a manageability solution which allows users to centrally deploy security policies, monitor IT assets, and schedule maintenance tasks in one simple manageability package for the entire office. The Acer ProShield Manager suite of essential security and manageability tools secures the Acer Veriton and TravelMate from unwanted access from BIOS level all the way up to application level, keeping critical files safe by encrypting and storing them in a Trust Platform Module (TPM) protected Personal Secure Drive (PSD). Users can also permanently remove unwanted files or folder, beyond recovery (US Department of Defense (DoD) 5220.22-M standard).


I'm not pro but I think I'm lucky!
This is my first time I use my dslr camera to take firework photo. I don't think my photo is nice but I am luck to get this shot which is it look like a heart shape in the night sky!
This is the 3rd group of the Korea Amway part of the highlight firework show and Fly Lantern.
So tomorrow night is the last group of Korea Amway arrive and soon my job at Empire will be finish...
Four more days to go... tahan saja asal duit janji ada!!! hehe  

Hot Hot Chicken Is Back

Do you still remember this guy? Yeah he is the bad guy always curi people's burger.. Mr Hamburglar and now he is back to Brunei. Not only he is back but also few more Ronald's friends...soon you'll know ada siapa lagi of coz Ronald also have hehe just wait for next month lah!
One more thing is back too..which is the Fried Spicy Chicken!!! I just went to try it just now with some media friends.. The moment I had my first bite the first thing in my head is RICE!!!
For kids of coz this meal not suitable for them lah.. is kinda too hardcore for them sudah lah.. But no worries now for those kids their favorite the Happy Meal's toys are the Rise of The Guardians..nice right!

Get your "Rise of The Guardians" with your Happy Meal now!!! 

Dj Duffy teaching us how he eat fries....

Dk Kemariah telling us the what's their next plan!! 

Don't play play... true true got study at Hamburger University tu!!!!

iPhone 5 For Sale( Both Sold )

One of my friend asking me to post this in my blog and help him selling it! He got 2 iPhone 5 now, One unit iPhone 5 White 32GB B$1250.00(SOLD),  One unit iPhone 5 White 16GB $1150.00(SOLD) both are new and hot hot just arrived not yet open. Call my number first come first serve. cash term no otang. If you don't know my number then sorry lah!!