What time is it? Is Epson Time...

Have to check out the Epson at the gadong mall? This is the best time you can have a look with all the printer and other accessories. One of my favorite stuff I saw there is the Adata 500GB portable HDD. So cool man... is a waterproof and shockproof. I think is good for people like engineering, Shell or outdoor job..... I been looking for this kind of HDD long time already coz I'm a person easily drop things... like my phone don't know drop how many thousands times already so I need things built for tough!
Not only the HDD is tough and also the Epson L210 too.... is the world first original ink tank system print up to 4000 pages in black with just B$10.00 per bottle.
There is also have a lot of other model of Epson printers for you to choose... You want Fast, Tough, Cheap, 3 in 1.... macam-macam ada lah!!
Their booth will be run for 4 days there... so don't miss out!!!

This is the one I told you one lah... is waterproof and shockproof.

Ladies..... you gonna love this!!!