TATY'S CAFE 2nd Branch

Yeah...... now me not need to go far far until Muara town there and eat Taty's lamb burger sudah!!! Now they open a 2nd branch at "Lot 4, The B.T. Complex, Simpang 13, Jalan Lapangan Antarabangsa, Kg Jaya Setia, BE2513 Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei"
Still don't know where is this B.T Complex right...hehehe is very easy to find one... The building just right in front the Times Square lah!!! 
This time you not need to worry sit there and makan until you sweat wet wet liao coz this one here got Aircon sudah!!! hahaha...
One thing I like their table.... everyone also got unique look and design and I heard is make by the owner!!! The wall color same like the Muara one... macam like the United Colors of Benetton... color colorful there.. Nice! but don't know it allow you to write and sign on the wall again like Muara one!!
So don't forget to go try out there Bruther!!!

Big right the space!! No more small small room sudah.

Menu one the blackboard.. this remind me my school time lah!!! Gooooooood... Morning...... Teachhhhhher......

No more worry the smoke kana your baju sudah this time.... 

Nice right their table!!! They use paper and magazine to stick on the table then coated a layer of lacquer... good idea...good idea!!!