So Whaaaat's Next???

First is "Smile More" then is "Little Things" and now is "Slow Down". So what's next.....Happy Holiday??? hahahaha 
Of coz is not that lah but 3 days holidays is coming surely many of happy lah right!!! I'm sure banyak people go makan angin one... got ticket fly high high, no ticket use car lah! Me also makan again but no money fly, I follow my friend's car go KK this Friday and balik Sunday! This is my 3rd time I go KK. Ya I know sound very lauya... The first time I go KK is use Boat, second time use Plane, now the third time use car.... Ya is true my Slow Down a bit when driving to KK, Safety comes first right!!!
I follow my friends they are 4X4 go KK there see some Off Road road show there.
Hopefully every things goes smoothly lah...

Every one is curious about this message.....