People Mountain People Sea

Wao... wao..wao... really bukan main ni!!! Really got that much of people want to travel man... 
Sampai I want to jalan also kana jam in there!!
At first I also want to buy ticket to Thailand but I see the Q.... eh sorry lah ya!! Some people even Q for an hours just to buy ticket which is almost hundred dollars cheaper saja!!!
You know what??? I just talk to one of my friend that she own a travel agent at Bandar... She told me that I'm not necessary have to go Bridex there to Q for ticket there... Just make a phone call to her office and confirm and pay the ticket with in this 2 day also can... not need to susah-sudah go so far and Q so long to buy tickets!!! Aiya... tell me early ma next time!!! 
Ok so anyone who want to go Thailand with me? Let's go Sawadee Kap Bruther!!!!
Actually every booth also almost the same prices... it just that some of them got lucky draw, gift, or other offer..... So do you think the price is cheaper then you go Q long long there, last last add this add that also the same price.

See that???? How to walk walk see see look look??? So many people yo!!!