One Year One Time

Finally my car comes one year anniversary road tax, insurance macam-macam coming to suck my wallet. But one thing I must do is giving my car a Car Spa treatment. So last friday I bring here to the Max Center and giving her a fully in and out body massage, make up and treatment..hehehe
Yeah lah I know some people will say this one can do it yourself more cheaper again for ask indon polish also can.... Yes sure you can do that but with your kijang or Tata Sumo lah not with your lovely car! If you talk about Pro I strongly recommended Max Center!!!
Check out my Orlando..... One year I use their products Meguiars and sometime I wash car there when I'm malas to do it myself and you still can see my car look as like new!!! Kilat gao-gao sekali Bruther!!
It took about 9 hours to finish my car. Why so slow? of coz lah.. coz I want the guy who do my car take it slow... Wash, Vacuum, Polishing, Waxing, Detailer you think this can do like kampong style kan!! Now my car is one years old but I just wait and see after 3 or 5 years lah if I still keep on doing this to my car and still look kilat like mirror.... yeah that will be awesome man!!! 

Do you think my car looks like a movie Tron car?

Jonathan in the action... 

Finally touch with the detailer,,, dude I can see your nose hair from the reflection!!! hehehe

Awesome right.... Kilat gao-gao!!!