New Chrysler 300C

last night went to check out the new Chrysler 300C launching at the Empire Hotel & Country Club.
How's the car? I haven't test drive so I don't know, if I test drive already then I can tell you how the power, comfy, handling....By looking the chart it has 292 horsepower with the 3.6 liter V6 engine... wow that is powerful man. About the body... I only have to say.. Is Luxury and Elegance. I love the speedometer design look... macam my Orlando hehehe...
One thing it really impress me is the Automatic Eight-Speed gearbox.. that's awesome lah bruther!!
My Chevrolet Orlando already is six speed auto and I think is sweet sudah.... now this one is 8 speed ah bruther.. don't play play, how many car in the world or 8 speed auto one!! This is my first time first car I see...
mmmmmm... can't wait to test drive it one day!!! hehehe