Nano Sim Card Coming Soon

Who say businessman never sporting one.... you wrong already. Look at Mr. Idris T. Vasi the CEO of DST he is the best CEO I ever see!!! I was kidding only for posing Oppa Gangnam Style taking photo with me and he really did it!! I can see that he is a very updated and sporting man!!! 
To making money sometime need to be Fast And Furious.... Don't wait until people do already then you follow behind. During the yesterday lunch Mr. Idris told us DST already order the Nano  Sim Card so bruther is you are iPhone 5 kaki like me you not need to be worries how to card your 3G sim card to Nano sudah.... Just wait for few more weeks saja.... sabar saja..sabar tu!!!
Not only that they going to bring us the Nano Sim Card but also the 4G(LTE) also... but this one have to wait until early next year lah!!! again... sabar..sabar saja!!!
God Good Good.. at least DST had told us when they update the system and features so we not need to guess and wait for nothing there... AWESOME!!!!!!