Miri Kolomee

Do you like Miri Kolomee a.k.a Kampua? 
I do.... I like the noodle and is yummy~yummy! Now I not need to go down Miri 2020 there and eat. Here in Brunei here also have at the Jalan Tutong. It located at the same block with Court Funiture near the Jangsak traffic lights junction. The last unit of the block and you see Restaurant Kimpal. (fyi is a non halal restaurant)
Remember if you want to eat make sure you tell the waitress you want "Miri Kolomee" coz there have few type of kolomee there too. Their Miri Kolomee taste I can say almost the same as like Miri 2020 there but is just a little bit wet only. If can dry up a bit before serve then is perfect lah!
Is hardly find Miri Kolomee here in Brunei... So far I see this is the only one here if in future someone can bring in Kuching Kolomee (red sauce type) wo.... and that is really Awesome!!! I did one time tapao 20 packages back home from Kuching year 2009(see here). I miss Kuching Kolomee and Laksa there... yummy yummy~~~~

Very easy to find one.... no worries just look for this Court Furniture and go straight in to the last shop.

And this is the place Kimpal restaurant. You'll see many 4X4 car here coz construction kaki like to eat breakfast and lunch here!!!