More Than I Expected

Hehehe.... Yalah I bought it!! At first I just want to go see their Demo set for sale.... I almost want to get the 17 inch Macbook Pro only B$2099.00. The new one original selling price is B$3498.00 so is about $1400.00 cheaper worth to buy right!! Yalah is a demo set with only 6 month warranty saja! But if you love to get one of this long time ago is worth lah... but my heart I want a iMac so I pass this 17 inch Macbook Pro. Since I already came so mind as well just get something lah... I bought a Apple TV, ya is a Tv with no screen and channel only a remote control saja!!! hahaha check my previous post HERE.
Guys.... Now I know what's the good thing that upgrading your iPad and iPhone to iOS 6. Not just the "Do Not Disturb" or "Panorama" with you iPhone or iPad  if you come to use this Apple TV.
You need a wifi to run this Apple TV but I just use my Macbook to create "Share Internet Network" to run it also can even there is no internet. So now I can play movies. songs, games, photos with my tv. iPad lagi best now everything almost can play in the TV there... Awesome!!! 

Bah here are the list that their Demo set for sell cheap cheap.... but do you see there is an typo on the price??? hehehe