Hongkie Town Street Food @Dynasty Restaurant

Bo Lo Bao, Yuan Yang Milk Tea this two thing if you visit Hong Kong must try once... Of coz not only this try thing saja.. their Dim Sum and Egg Tart also is a boom....
Now not need to use passport I also can try a little at Gadong Dynasty restaurant. Recently they had just started Hong Hong street cuisine serve daily(twice a day) 7:30am & 1:30pm
Don't forget this.... Every month First and Last week Saturday they have  Supper Din Sum Buffet (Adult-B$14.50) (Children-B$11.50) Time:11pm till 1:30pm

Home Made Chicken Boxing with Honey Sauce

Fragrant Fried Rice With Eight Treasure

Sweetened Black Glutinous Rice with Coconut

Deep Fried Mango Prawn Seaweed Roll Serve with Mustard Sauce

Hong Kong "Bo Lo" Bun

Sweetened Puree Almond

 Chiang Mai

Baked Chang Pau with Chicken 
 Sky Blue Freeze

Baked Cheese Rice with Chicken

Yuan Yang