Fun But Danger

To all the parents please do not let your children to do this doesn't matter is driving or stop with the car!
I know is fun but when accident comes is not fun at all. It ever happen that a children kill but the Sunroof and Power Window in others counties and that is why is illegal to do it!
I know some of the window it has a sensor that once got object to stop the window to close then it will automatic to reopen again but so far I know sunroof don't have this feature and this is why very dangerous to like your kids to play their head out of the car! So how if suddenly the driver brake the kids hit to the front... if lucky just kana the chest if not lucky then is hit on their neck..... 
So better don't play play with the Sunroof or window oh bruther!!!
 Check out this website... a woman almost lost her daughter with her BMW's sunroof ( Click HERE )
And check out this lucky man he kana buang out from the sunroof with unhurt. Click image to read full story.