Do You Still Wanna Drive Fast Fast???

Do you know that CCTV is very where??? I just recently notice there is few new CCTV put up at the highway especially there is one near the DST tower there. Not sure what is that for but some say is speed trap camera..... Whatever is that I really advise all the people now is time we all better learn to drive follow the speed limit sign lah!!! Drive fast drive slow also can sampai tu!!! It just the few minutes faster saja!!!
Now especially at traffic lights area you better don't suka-suka hati run through the red light oh bruther... In Bandar there almost every traffic light junction all got CCTV sudah....Gadong, Kiulap area also have.. so guys we better don't play play there... follow the law and sabar saja if not later kana potong points baru tah regret!!!!
 Potong points is still small case... don't later accident got people die ah... then you regret also no use sudah tu!!!
I understand 100km on the highway feeling slow too... if want go down Miri lagi jialat!!! But what to do.... at first I also not use to it but slowly slowly now I biasa sudah! 

Near the DST HQ

Near at the Royal Regalia Museum

Radisson Hotel there also got one!!!! 

Chung Hwa School there also got!!!

Near the Chinese Temple also have!!!