Toddlers Sick Season

Not sure why like that my anak and sister's anak four of them all sick! So today went to see doctor at Kiarong and I was shock to see mote than 15 toddlers also sick at the same time! We wait for almost 40 minutes for our turn. After out turn there is still many parents bringing their children to visit clinic.
I see most of the children are fever or flu. Just giving some advise for the baba-mama walaupun it just a small fever but better bring see doctor lah.... Don't play play oh!!!
Not sure why like that sudden so many anak sakit... Because of the Weather or Musim Buah  I'm not sure lah... Now I think I also kana a little bit sakit already! Batok and running nose sudah.... Jialat lah.
Now I have no choice I have to cancel my daughter Eve's tomorrow birthday sudah.