生肉麵/Sheng Rou Mee On The Way To Brunei

Soon... very soon this Sabah famous Sheng Rou Mee is coming to town! Not one but two restaurant in Brunei are bringing this so soon you'll see this two restaurant is going to have a Sheng Rou Mee WAR!!!!
Now it just the matter of who started first, both restaurant also belong to my 2 friends and they both are buddies and now I want to see who's SRM is better!

So what is SRM? It just a black kosong kolomee come with a bowl of soup with pork, pork ball and sayur! Why it so famous I also don't know... It just like Kuching's famous dish is "Kuching Laksa", Peneng is "Peneng fried Kueh Tiow", Singapore is "Singapore Prawn Mee" so in KK is this Sheng Rou Mee. Ok now we just wait and see lah... once it launch I'll tell you where to eat!!! 

pictures courtesy HitiMization