Sabah Sheng Rou Mee~沙巴生肉麵 At Cafe De Paris

Guys to you still remember that I told you there is two different restaurant doing the the Sabah's famous food Sheng Rou Mee生肉面 is coming to Brunei?  Yes two also belong to my two friends.... And now one is start selling it!!! 
I believe many of you sure familiar with this Cafe de Paris is opened early 90's and now my friend is take it over and run differently like last time. He hired a chef from Sabah to Brunei and cook the Sheng Rou Mee. I never try out the real SRM at KK so I don't know how is the real SRM taste like but after I try it here I can say is nice especially the soup.. I like it yo and my wife like it too!!
Take my advise don't tapao it home coz I think is better eat on the spot when is hot hot if tapao back I'm sure it wasn't taste good!
For the body side like me.... One bowl is not enough lah must eat two bowl baru siok!
Remember don't just order the original noodle of what they serve you, you also can ask for Mee Pok, Mee Hoon, Kuih Tiao or Mee small small.... And don't forget to order the signature drink.... Hai Ti Yea! I like it since they open until now, every time I eat there must order it!
For more info or tapao call their number-2448188

This one must try........